Send Bulk WhatsApp Messages in a Single Delivery

Easily send WhatsApp messages to multiple recipients without the risk of numbers getting blocked.

EVA has been trusted and used by many Companies and Communities

Many companies and communities have used EVA's chatbot facilities to serve their customers and members. Here are some of them:

"EVA Chatbot can be used on many platforms. I use EVA because its response performance is excellent, and the price is affordable."

Heri Riyanto

Heri Riyanto

IT Analyst, PT. Sasa Inti

Increase Your Business Revenue with Whatsapp Blast

With WhatsApp Blast from EVA, you can send notification messages or promotional messages without the need to send them one by one, saving you time.

Create Groups, Add Contacts, and Send Messages

To send a Whatsapp Blast, simply create a group, add the contacts, and start sending your promotional messages.

Send Immediately or Schedule Delivery

EVA has a scheduling feature that allows you to schedule message deliveries at specific times if needed.

Safe from Blocking and Anti-Spam

No need to worry about numbers getting blocked or your contacts being misused. WhatsApp Blast from EVA ensures fast and secure message delivery.

Automatic Scheduler

Schedule WhatsApp Blast as Needed

With WhatsApp Blast from EVA, you can also schedule message deliveries. This feature allows you to send notifications, reminders, or promotional messages to customers periodically and automatically.

Periodic scheduling options (daily, monthly, yearly)

Custom scheduling based on an Excel document

Safe and Secure

Send Messages to Multiple Recipients without the Risk of Blocking

Many cases have occurred where mass WhatsApp messaging resulted in the sender's number being blocked by WhatsApp for being considered spam, rendering it unusable. EVA guarantees worry-free message delivery without the risk of numbers getting blocked.

Uses Official WhatsApp Channels

Contact lists in groups are securely stored

Numbers are safe from blocking

Whatsapp Newsletter

Send Periodic Messages to Customers to Boost Engagement

To increase Customer Engagement, you can send promotional messages, latest updates, or other interesting information to customers who have opted in to receive your newsletter. Newsletter yang kamu buat.

Create Multiple Contents through the Console

Automatic and scheduled delivery

2 WhatsApp Blast Options to Suit Your Needs

EVA provides two options for WhatsApp Blast, each with its own advantages. Choose the one that best fits your needs. masing-masing. Pilih sesuai kebutuhanmu.

Whatsapp Official

WhatsApp Blast through the WhatsApp API, using officially registered numbers, making it easy for you to send unlimited blast messages and keep your numbers safe from blocking.


Whatsapp Business

WhatsApp Blast using random sender numbers, more cost-effective in terms of pricing, while still ensuring fast and secure message delivery.

1 Package Multi Solutions

In one package, EVA provides other solutions needed by your business/community.

Creating a Chatbot in just a Few Easy Steps

Create and manage Chatbots from various Chat Applications easily in one Dashboard. The Chatbot will be ready to serve your customers 24/7.

Send and Manage Messages on All Channels in 1 Platform

Conversations from WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Website Widgets, and other Chat Applications can be managed in one integrated platform. 

Managing Customer Service with Ticketing System

Improve productivity and quality of customer service by handling customers based on incoming tickets.

Integrate Customer Service on Whatsapp to Enhance Your Business Credibility

With WhatsApp Business API, your customer service can be more effective in engaging with customers, thereby improving your business performance and credibility. 

Centralized Customer Service from Various Chat Applications and Multi Operator

Respond to customer messages directly from multiple channels, with multi-operator support to ensure that customer messages are well addressed.

Can be used on Various Platforms, for Various Needs

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