Reach Customers More Effectively with Whatsapp Business API

Whatsapp Business API makes it easy for you to reach customers through the most popular chat application today. It is a simple solution to increase sales and improve customer service.

EVA has been trusted and used by many Companies and Communities

Many companies and communities have used EVA's chatbot facilities to serve their customers and members. Here are some of them:

"EVA Chatbot can be used on many platforms. I use EVA because its response performance is excellent, and the price is affordable."

Heri Riyanto

Heri Riyanto

IT Analyst, PT. Sasa Inti

WhatsApp Business API Increases Customer Trust

WhatsApp Business API is an application designed to meet the needs of small businesses to enterprises, making it easier to interact with customers through optimal features. The WhatsApp Business API allows businesses to automate communication with features such as automated replies, WhatsApp chatbots, personalized interactive messages, official green checkmarks, and unlimited WhatsApp blasts. With WhatsApp Business API from EVA, business trust and customer interactions are enhanced, leading to increased loyalty.

Green Verified Checkmark from WhatsApp

Your WhatsApp business number can have a green checkmark by registering your business name through the WhatsApp Business API.



Unlimited WhatsApp Blast and Anti-Blocking

EVA has a scheduling feature that allows you to schedule message deliveries at specific times if needed.

Flexible WhatsApp API Integration

WhatsApp Business API can be easily integrated with any system.


Effective Customer Service

1 WhatsApp Number with Multiple Operators, in 1 Dashboard

WhatsApp Business API from EVA offers the advantage of Multi-Operator feature, which allows you to enhance customer service. With EVA, you can not only receive messages from your WhatsApp number but also from various other chat applications.

1 WhatsApp Number, can be handled by multiple Operators

Performance of each Operator can be monitored

Serving customers from various Chat Applications

Whatsapp Blast

Send Messages to Multiple Recipients without the Risk of Blocking

Many cases have occurred where mass WhatsApp messaging resulted in the sender's number being blocked by WhatsApp due to being flagged as spam, rendering it unusable. With WhatsApp Business API, regardless of the number of messages sent, they will always be safe from blocking.

Uses Official WhatsApp Channels

Easily set up groups and input contacts for WhatsApp Blast purposes.

Chatbot for Customer Service

Utilize Chatbot to Streamline Customer Service

EVA's chatbot is designed to assist customer service in handling repetitive inquiries or collecting customer data at the beginning of a conversation. If the chatbot is unable to answer customer questions, it can direct them to an operator.

Easily Create and Manage Chatbot Knowledge

Integrate with Customer Service Channels

1 Platform for All Channels

EVA's customer service platform is not limited to WhatsApp alone, but it can also be used for various other channels. Simply integrate your customer service across all channels within EVA and gain control over all conversations from different channels in one platform.

EVA also provides a web widget for your website visitors.

1 Package Multi Solutions

In one package, EVA provides other solutions needed by your business/community.

Creating a Chatbot in just a Few Easy Steps

Create and manage Chatbots from various Chat Applications easily in one Dashboard. The Chatbot will be ready to serve your customers 24/7.

Send and Manage Messages on All Channels in 1 Platform

Conversations from WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Website Widgets, and other Chat Applications can be managed in one integrated platform. 

Managing Customer Service with Ticketing System

Improve productivity and quality of customer service by handling customers based on incoming tickets.

Sending Mass WhatsApp Messages in a Single Delivery

Send WhatsApp Blast to any number of recipients quickly without the risk of number blocking.

Centralized Customer Service from Various Chat Applications and Multi Operator

Respond to customer messages directly from multiple channels, with multi-operator support to ensure that customer messages are well addressed.

Can be used on Various Platforms, for Various Needs

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