Manage Customer Service with an Automated Ticketing System

Improve productivity and quality of customer service by handling customers based on incoming tickets.

EVA has been trusted and used by many Companies and Communities

Many companies and communities have used EVA's chatbot facilities to serve their customers and members. Here are some of them:

"EVA Chatbot can be used on many platforms. I use EVA because its response performance is excellent, and the price is affordable."

Heri Riyanto

Heri Riyanto

IT Analyst, PT. Sasa Inti

Resolve Customer Issues Faster and More Organized

Simplify your customer service system with a single platform for multi operators. Additionally, streamline and expedite customer issue resolution with an automated ticketing system.

Resolve Customer Issues Based on Priorities

With the ticketing system, operators can simply follow the flow of tickets.

Multi Operators in 1 Platform

Without the need to open other Chat applications, all operators can monitor customer service within one platform.

Direct Customers to the Right Operator

If a customer's issue requires a specific solution from a particular field, forward the ticket to the appropriate operator.

One Platform for All Channels

Simply integrate customer service across every channel in EVA, and start managing all conversations from various channels in one platform.

EVA also provides a web widget for your website visitors.

Ticketing System

Ensure No Customer Messages Are Missed

Assist customer service in capturing customer needs such as requests, inquiries, or specific complaints in the form of tickets, making it easier to track the resolution process.

Receive customer messages based on incoming ticket flow

Track pending and resolved tickets

Direct customer tickets to the appropriate operators

Monitor operator performance based on ticket resolution

Chatbot for Customer Service

Utilize Chatbot to Streamline Customer Service

EVA's chatbot is designed to assist customer service in handling repetitive inquiries or collecting customer data at the beginning of a conversation. If the chatbot is unable to answer customer questions, it can direct them to an operator.

Easily Create and Manage Chatbot Knowledge

Integrate with Customer Service Channels

Customer Satisfaction

Conduct Customer Satisfaction Surveys with Ease

To gather feedback on customer service, EVA provides customer satisfaction surveys through ratings that customers can fill out at the end of a conversation session.

Customers fill out ratings at the end of a conversation session.

Monitor and evaluate through available reports.

1 Package Multi Solutions

In one package, EVA provides other solutions needed by your business/community.

Creating a Chatbot in just a Few Easy Steps

Create and manage Chatbots from various Chat Applications easily in one Dashboard. The Chatbot will be ready to serve your customers 24/7.

Send and Manage Messages on All Channels in 1 Platform

Conversations from WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Website Widgets, and other Chat Applications can be managed in one integrated platform. 

Sending Mass WhatsApp Messages in a Single Delivery

Send WhatsApp Blast to any number of recipients quickly without the risk of number blocking.

Integrate Customer Service on Whatsapp to Enhance Your Business Credibility

With WhatsApp Business API, your customer service can be more effective in engaging with customers, thereby improving your business performance and credibility. 

Centralized Customer Service from Various Chat Applications and Multi Operator

Respond to customer messages directly from multiple channels, with multi-operator support to ensure that customer messages are well addressed.

Creating a Chatbot on WhatsApp in Just a Few Easy Steps

Automatically respond to customer messages from WhatsApp and other Chat applications with the support of a Chatbot, which will enhance the effectiveness of your customer service. 

Can be used on Various Platforms, for Various Needs

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