Teknologi Generative AI Chatbot EvaGPT

Realtime Pelayanan Chat 24 Jam dari Berbagai Aplikasi Chat

Banyak Perusahaan yang Telah Menggunakan Chatbot EVA ID

Mengapa Harus Pakai Chatbot EVA?

Let me recall them clearly. Have you ever experienced or are currently experiencing these situations?


Limited time and resources to respond to incoming messages from customers, especially during high chat volumes.


Feeling that the team you have is not sufficient to handle the multiple business platforms being used.


Losing potential customers because their chats are not responded to promptly.


Many customers who have purchased our products or services do not place repeat orders due to poor after-sales service or receiving complaints from them.

Do you know that! Answering common and repetitive questions no longer needs to be done by humans!

Technological advancements have enabled efficient solutions to address common and repetitive questions without involving direct human interaction. Chatbot EvaGPT menjadi solusi terbaik akan permasalahan itu.

Dengan menggunakan chatbot EvaGPT, bisnis Anda no longer needs to manually answer common questions through human teams.

Keunggulan EvaGPT

What Solutions Does EVA Offer? Take a look!


Chatbot cerdas EvaGPT bisa menjawab secara Cepat dan Real time 24/7 Nonstop segala bentuk pertanyaan maupun mengarahkan untuk sebuah proses


The chatbot exhibits a high level of accuracy in its responses.


The chatbot is capable of generating its own answers that are most relevant to the question based on the data it has been trained on (generative AI technology).


The chatbot can understand the context of the conversation, ensuring that its answers and responses remain relevant to the previous conversation.


The chatbot doesn't get forgetful, tired, or emotional, ensuring consistent quality in its responses.


Chatbot can be integrated with various other systems that enable the execution of customer needs, such as online payments, registration forms, billing calculations, data information updates, etc.

Not Only for External Use, EvaGPT Chatbot Can Be Applied for Internal Needs Too!



Chatbot Agen Asuransi Mobil

Chatbot Restoran (Nori Restaurant)

Proses Development EvaGPT

Berikut ini merupakan Studi Kasus dari Chatbot EvaGPT PLN 123

PLN 123 milik PLN Corporate University ini adalah Chatbot yang diperuntukkan untuk pembelajaran Mahasiswa/i PLN CorpU.

Mari Simak Bagaimana EvaGPT melatih PLN 123 untuk memahami pertanyaan sesuai dengan info yang diberikan.

Jika kita menanyakan terkait Hubungan Industri Menurut UU 13 ke ChatGPT yang database-nya bersifat Umum, maka ChatGPT tidak bisa memberikan jawaban yang kita butuhkan.

Ia akan memerintah kita mencari Sumber lain yang lebih terpercaya.

Sebab hal itu dibutuhkan untuk pembelajaran maka, EvaGPT melatih PLN 123 untuk memahami : Proses Produksi, Subjek Pelaku, Pengusaha sebagai Pelaku dalam Konteks Hubungan Industri

Nah, sekarang apabila pertanyaan yang sama ditanyakan kepada PLN 123, maka ia bisa memberikan Jawaban SESUAI dengan informasi yang sudah dilatih oleh EvaGPT

Sehingga PLN 123 yang telah ditrain EvaGPT, bisa memiliki Kecerdasan dan Kecanggihan seperti ChatGPT, namun Data yang dimiliki SESUAI dengan Informasi yang Dibutuhkan.

Silahkan Test dan Buktikan Langsung!

Tidak Hanya Itu!
EvaGPT Masih Memiliki Banyak Fitur Canggih Lainnya!
Mari Simak!

Send and Manage Messages on All Channels in 1 Platform

Conversations from WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Website Widgets, and other Chat Applications can be managed in one integrated platform. 

Managing Customer Service with Ticketing System

Improve productivity and quality of customer service by handling customers based on incoming tickets.

Sending Mass WhatsApp Messages in a Single Delivery

Send WhatsApp Blast to any number of recipients quickly without the risk of number blocking.

Integrate Customer Service on Whatsapp to Enhance Your Business Credibility

With WhatsApp Business API, your customer service can be more effective in engaging with customers, thereby improving your business performance and credibility. 

Centralized Customer Service from Various Chat Applications and Multi Operator

Respond to customer messages directly from multiple channels, with multi-operator support to ensure that customer messages are well addressed.

Creating a Chatbot on WhatsApp in Just a Few Easy Steps

Automatically respond to customer messages from WhatsApp and other Chat applications with the support of a Chatbot, which will enhance the effectiveness of your customer service. 

Realtime Pelayanan Chat 24 Jam Dari Berbagai Aplikasi Chat Dengan Teknologi Generative AI

Automatically respond to customer messages from WhatsApp and other Chat applications with the support of a Chatbot, which will enhance the effectiveness of your customer service. 

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